Friday, August 19, 2016


NASI GORENG (FRIED RICE). Mom's cook is still the best in the world :') 

Hello everyone! Its been years since I last posted here. I have completely forgotten the existence of my own blog and weeheee, here I am. I'm back :) Things have been in chaos lately. I was trying to figure out my life but still, I failed miserably. Lucky that I am highly self motivated person, no matter how much I cry or how much I fall down, I still believe someday I will stand tall once again. 

I've been missing mom and I haven't been home for months now with so many things going on in my life that I have to go through alone. So one day, mom dabao (packed) my favorite nasi goreng which she cook herself and ask my sister to give it to me. The first spoonful of it to my mouth was filled with so much emotional turmoil that was about to burst. I held them in. It was my best dinner that day. It was filled with love and hope and warmth. Its like I suddenly remember how it feels to finally tasted food. Its like I haven't been eating for months and finally realizes it. 

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